Natick, MA
"...they do it better than any other place I know.... surprisingly good sushi. Service is a step above any other Asian restaurants I've dined at."

Jamaica Plain, MA
"...three of us shared a bunch of surprisingly fresh appetizers.... with light, healthy, flavorful food. The place is upscale and minimalistic looking, dimly lit, glass, subtle wall waterfalls, sushi bar, bamboo poles... you will not get Bamboozled at Dedham's fine eating palace!"

Waban, MA
"The lunch buffet here is pretty amazing.... you get all the usual suspects at a Chinese buffet plus some sushi made fresh at the bar."

Dedham, MA
"....regularly order there for take out."

Boston, MA
"Welcome to your slice of heaven. It's probably the best Asian themed restaurant I've ever been to.... VERY clean, plenty of seating and you never have to wait to be seated. (at least I never had to wait) The price range is typical for this kind of place but it's well worth every penny." I think I enjoy this place so much because of my own personal experience. Great place to eat though."

Canton, MA

"There's a sushi bar or you can order off their regular menu – but why order off the regular menu when there's an entire buffet right there for about $13?"

Dedham, MA
"....a wide variety of chinese and japanese options. I've had many types of the sushi, the beef and broccoli and pork fried rice - all of which are really good."


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