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Appetizers - Japanese

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Edamame $4.95 each
Boiled soybeans with sea salt and lime.

Vegetable Tempura
Bamboo Signature Dish 6pc 7.50 12pc 12.50

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura
Bamboo Signature Dish 5pc 10.95 10pc 17.50

Mini-Shumai $6.50 each
Deep - fried dumplings.

Gyoza $6.50 each
Pan-fried meat and vegetable ravioli.

Spiced Baked Scallops $10.95 each
With crab stick, mushrooms and flying fish roe.

Grilled Beef Roll $11.50 each
Bamboo Signature Dish
Thin sliced sirloin served with asparagus, cheese, scallions and coated with teriyaki sauce.

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