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Stuffed Pancake with Beef and Scallion $15.50 each
Bamboo Signature Dish

Beef and Mushrooms $14.95 each
With snow pea pods and jicama in an oyster sauce.

Beef with Peppers and Onions $14.50 each

Beef with Broccoli $14.50 each

Grilled Sirloin Steak in Teriyaki Sauce $18.50 each

Spicy Satay Beef $15.50 each
Bamboo Signature Dish

With pineapple and peppers in a curry peanut sauce

Crispy Beef with Sesame Bamboo Signature Dish $16.50 each

Hunan Spicy Beef $14.50 each

Yuen-Yang Spicy Beef $15.95 each
Bamboo Signature Dish

In a hot pepper sauce on a bed of string beans.

Happy Family $18.50 each
Beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetables, stir-fried in a delicate brown sauce.

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