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Vegetarian Delight $11.50 each

Dry Cook String Beans $11.50 each
With a unique blend of seasonings.

Sauteed Seasonal Greens
Choice of Shanghai greens, Chinese Broccoli, or peapod stems

Green Chow Mein $14.95 each
Bamboo Signature Dish
Pea pod stems, red onions and bean sprouts served with dry noodles

Broccoli Sauteed or in Garlic Sauce $11.50 each

Chinese Eggplant in Garlic Sauce $13.50 each

Chinese Eggplant with Tofu $12.95 each

Bamboo Tofu $12.50 each
Bamboo Signature Dish
Pan fried to a golden brown, topped with sauteed black beans and black mushrooms.

Home Style Tofu $11.95 each
Deep-fried tofu with vegetables in a brown sauce.

Szechuan Tofu $11.95 each
Cubed soft tofu in a spicy chili bean peppercorn sauce.

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